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What is the Institute of Detectorists feasibility study project?

The Association of Detectorists received funding from Historic England in 2019 to carry out a feasibility study. The aim of the project is to explore if an Institute of Detectorists – a formal membership organisation – could be set up as a new opportunity for the metal-detecting community.

Why would I want to join an Institute of Detectorists?

The proposed Institute will offer responsible metal-detectorists a new route to learning more about their hobby, the objects they discover, and the archaeological background to their discoveries. It will offer training, information and the chance to join a community of people with similar interests.

What is the feasibility study project doing?

The project is gathering feedback from metal-detectorists and other stakeholders, to find out if they would support and/orjoin an Institute, and what activities and opportunities they would like a new organisation to offer them. It is also exploring how an Institute could be set up legally and financially to make sure it is sustainable.

Who is involved in the feasibility study project?

The project is being carried out by the Association of Detectorists. It has an Advisory Board and a Focus Group who support the project. These groups are composed of metal-detectorists and other relevant stakeholders, such as archaeologists, landowners, the Portable Antiquities Scheme and government bodies.

Is Historic England funding the proposed Institute of Detectorists?

No. Historic England is funding the project to explore the feasibility of the proposed Institute for Detectorists. Once the feasibility study is complete, it will be up to the Association of Detectorists itself to decide what to do next.

If the Institute is found to be feasible and viable, how would it be funded?

There are a number of potential sources of funding for setting the Institute up, including the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Historic England and others. Once established, it is envisaged that the Institute would be entirely self-supporting, based on membership subscriptions, training courses and other activities in line with its mission.

When will the feasibility study project be finished?

The project will complete in 2021.

I’ve heard that this project is an attempt by archaeologists to stop metal-detecting or introduce licensing, is this true?

No. The Association of Detectorists and the proposed Institute will be a voluntary membership organisation, so metal-detectorists will be free to choose whether they join or not. However, members will be required to adhere to the Code of Practice for Responsible Metal Detecting in England and Wales and to follow whatever membership rules and standards the Institute chooses to have.

Is this project trying to replace the National Council of Metal Detecting?

No. The NCMD is a nationally-recognised body representing metal-detectorists. The proposed Institute would operate alongside it.